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Dates: Oct 12th or Oct 19th
Price: $250, including lunch
Limited to 20 shooters. Overnight lodging and breakfast is available for an additional $150/guest.

About our Pheasant Hunt

Our European Style Tower Pheasant Shoots are a great way to hone your pass shooting skills and have lots of fun shooting with a large group of friends or clients.

15-20 gunners (as many as 20 non-overnight shooters) are stationed behind hay-bale blinds in a large circumference circle around our 16’ tower. Look out for some challenging shooting as the pheasants are flown from the tower.

After five birds are flighted individually, the action stops and hunters are rotated in one direction to the next blind. This rotation continues throughout the shoot till all the birds are flown (generally about 200 pheasants total). Each station offers a different perspective of the tower giving the shooter a variety of presentations. Downed birds are picked up by our Labrador Retrievers or English Cockers. The use a modified or full choke and #6 shot is highly recommended.

If you have not been to a Tower Pheasant Shoot, you’ll find ours demanding even for the most experienced shot gunner. At the end of the shoot, the downed pheasants are divided equally, cleaned and packaged for you to take home.

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